Being an active person, I have many sore and tight muscles.  I regularly schedule a massage appointment with Charity to get all the knots and kinks worked out.
Charity knows the anatomy of the body and when you tell her where you hurt knows exactly what muscles to work on to get you feeling better.Whether it's getting certain muscles worked on or a relaxing whole body massage, Charity is the one to see.  I highly recommend her to everyone.
- Judy M.

Sarasota, FL

My back was hurting very badly. Charity worked on the pressure point  to relieve it and the pain has never returned. I am so thankful.
Charity has also worked on my wife several times. And each time she walks away feeling better. She looks forward to her sessions.

- Charles H.

Macon, GA

I always thought I never liked massage. One day I was given a gift certificate and I almost sold it. However I went it to Charity and walked out feeling amazing! I have never felt so relaxed in my whole life!

- Suzi L.

Bradenton, FL

Cornerstone Massage & Bodyworks